5 ways air pollution can affect your health

Thursday 21st June is National Clean Air Day. The day is designed to raise awareness of the effects that air pollution and unclean air can have on your body, home and the environment.

Here alldaychemist  take a look at how air pollution can affect your health, and what you can do to reduce the negative impact it may have.

5 ways air pollution can affect your health:

1. Research suggests that air pollution can increase the chances of lung cancer, as well as increasing the chances of developing other cardiac and respiratory conditions.

2. If you live in an area with particularly bad air pollution, this can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. The way in which your body is affected by air pollution can be similar to the effects of smoking and obesity according to CleanAirDay.org.

4. Other research suggests that air pollution may in fact be linked to type 2 diabetes. This is based on tests of blood glucose levels in people in heavily polluted areas vs. less polluted areas.

5. Finally, unclean air outdoors can also lead to minor health issues such as coughing and increased phlegm - this is due to the Nitrogen Dioxide produced in the fumes outdoors.

Ways you can reduce your impact:

With air pollution causing even more problems on health in the UK, it is important to consider our impact on the environment and what we can do to reduce air pollution outdoors. This can include:

1. Not taking unncessary journeys in the car. If your destination is in walking distance, think about ditching the car. This is beneficial to both the environment, and to your health.

2. Some days are higher in pollution than others. You can check pollution levels in your area online. On these days try to avoid a lot of physical activity outdoors, as you may be causing your heart and lungs to work even harder, which may have negative effects on your health in the future.